Properties: Ceramic paste based on a highly molecular oil, anorganic binding agents and ceramic additives. The product can be used as a paste within a range of -20°C to approx. +150°C. The solid lubricant it contains can be deployed at over 1500°C. The product contains no metallic pigments and is free of graphite, molybdenum sulphide and also sulphur-containing additives. Ceramic paste as a high-pressure and high-temperature lubricant in engineering for gear wheels, slideways, guide rails and joints mainly with slow sliding movements. Ensures rapid and simple installation and disassembly of things such as threaded parts. It permits the correct torque to be applied by excluding influences which are based on thread irregularities. Areas of application: For lubrication and for preventing etching on machine components which are subjected to high temperatures such as bolts, slide bushes, guides, spindles, springs, wedges etc. Disassembly is made easier. For use as a separating agent for hot threaded connections, e.g. hot steam bolts, on turbines, exhaust pipes, gear wheels, valves, chains and shafts which exist in areas such as the petrochemical industry, in power stations, milling works etc. For use as a separating agent in metal casting, pressure casting, forging and extruding if very high temperatures are reached.

Content: 200 ml

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