MD-MEGABOND two-component high-performance adhesive is the "Formula One racer" amongst high-performance adhesives. It can be used where conventional adhesives do not achieve the required strengths. MD-Megabond permanently bonds metal, wood, ceramics and hard plastic. Bonding various materials is extremely quick and reliable with MD-Megabond. The bonding surface area can be worked and painted after complete hardening. Excellent impact, peeling and shear strength High resistance to weathering Quick-fixing Requires little surface preparation Temperature resistant up to 120°C Areas of application for MD-MEGABOND range across the entire industrial landscape. Application examples: Bodywork and exterior areas: bumpers, spoilers, radiators, outside mirrors, bodywork sheets, windscreens and door windows. GRP parts, door panels, rear and front lighting, reinforcement and installation of floor panels, roof components and grille parts, front and rear end caps, mountings for advertising and catches. Plastic wheel covers, bumper brackets.

Content: 50 ml
Max. temperature: 120 °C

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