ACCUMATE: Chargematic 6/12

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Four-stage Smart charger-maintainer with automatic temperature regulation 100% Automatic For AGM - GEL - STD The ACCUMATE is a very advanced complete fully automatic charger as well as a maintenance device. Suitable for conventional, hybrid and fully sealed 6 & 12 V start - gel and deep cycle batteries. The ACCUMATE loads with a constant current of 1.2A till the tension of 14.3 V is reached (this is just before the moment where the production of gasses starts) and afterwards maintains the tension until the current through the battery declines to 200mA. This way the tension is limited to 13.6 V for medium-term battery maintenance, while the current level is constantly controlled. If the current should pass the 200mA the load procedure will be restarted. The ACCUMATE is also very suitable for applications with emergency batteries like alarm systems and detection systems. The ACCUMATE is not suitable for Ni-Cd and dry batteries.

2-year guarantee.

Green led: battery loaded and ready for usage Left yellow led: battery to be loaded (IUoU characteristic) Upper red led: 12V battery choice Lower red led: 6V battery choice Right yellow led: electronically protected against in-versed polarity.

Equipment on website www.tecmate.com is also available through us.

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